Flip frisch sprang up from an awkward little seed in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. she credits summers spent at Herzl Camp in Wisconsin with helping her find herself, her voice, and promoting a connection with nature that inspires many of her songs. 

After studying and teaching at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, she has finally come into her own as a singer songwriter with the release of her debut album "The Spring of my Content."

Her lyric-driven music is beautifully showcased on the record thanks to a mellifluous voice and an original talent. Lately, she can be found playing shows and winning hearts all over town in Portland, Oregon.

"First of all, Flip Frisch is the only lady you'll ever see who can sing and smile at the same time. Secondly, she is quite fond of writing songs about her oral surgeon. Third, the voice on this guitar-playing singer-songwriter is so pitch-perfect and pure, it will make you want to grow back your virginity. You haven't heard pipes like these in a long time."

- Portland Mercury

"Flip has a voice and a way about her that just soothes you way down deep…a voice that reminds you of being a child. Of being warm."

- Dan Coleman, owner, snake and weasel pub


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